All on 4

Advantages of All On 4

There are many ways to restore functionality and looks to your mouth, but perhaps the best options available is All on 4 dental implants by Nobel Biocare.

There are few doctors certified by Nobel Biocare to perform this technique and even fewer who had been trained by Doctor Maló himself, the creator of this amazing technique. This is why Doctor German Arzate is an excellent choice when you are looking for an experienced dental implant dentist to perform All on 4.

The process behind All-on-4 is not only setting implants and making titanium bridges. Making a full mouth restoration is an art and requires a very special set of skills not all dentists have. Our doctors are all familiar with cosmetic dentistry and smile design.

The advantages to get All on 4 in Cancun are many. We can start with the most obvious one, PRICE! All on 4 treatments in USA and Canada can reach well over $60,000 dollars to get your upper and lower teeth. We use the SAME materials for the teeth and the bar, as well as Nobel Biocare implants (this is a must, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to perform All-on-4).

We will show you a shade chart with natural shades (like pearl, bone, etc), and also white colors. The form of the teeth is also important. Is not enough just to find the right color, you need also to find the right size and roundness for each teeth. They look and feel like natural teeth. Our patients are delighted when random people compliment them about their wonderful smile not knowing it is All on 4.

Regular fixed dental implant bars will need several months to heal before placing the new teeth. That’s why All-on-4 is the best option for you. In just 10 days you will be smiling and eating normally.

Don’t hesitate anymore and get in contact with our dentists, they will answer all your questions about this procedure.

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