All on 4 implants

All-On-4 Dental Implants System came to replace common dentures, which for years were the only choice for people who had missing teeth. This oral technology is available for people who want to have a strong bite again and a palate-less, fixed denture, which will always stay in place when you eat, chew or bite.

This implants are also permanently secured, which means that you chew and talk with confidence. Other types of replacement teeth, such as snap-in dentures or traditional implants, need to be replaced. Patients who choose All-on-4© implants, however, enjoy a high success rate and only need to keep their replacement teeth in good condition with regular brushing and dental cleanings. They are a low-maintenance, low-cost and high-quality option for those who want to smile once again.

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The All on 4 technique is specially designed by NOBEL Biocare and Doctor Malo with a unique type of implant and because of the screw and size, and the position where we anchor those implants on the maxilla they can immediately receive loading and pressure from biting and chewing.

The procedure consist on drilling two vertical implants on the front of the arch of the maxilla or jaw bone, then add two tilted implants on the sides to provide stability and anchorage to a milled titanium bar with new teeth. You can get the smile of your dreams!

Most of the patients say that it feels like natural teeth. So this will give you the confidence to have a strong bite and your teeth will feel and look normal. You can forget about dentures and messy adhesives and start enjoying your favorite foods.


Perfect teeth in 1 visit

Our doctors can provide you with a brand new smile in just 8-10 days at our clinic. With only 4-5 appointments needed, you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the white-sand beaches during your trip with us in Cancun, Mexico!

Experienced All-on-4® Provider

Dr. German Arzate has practiced dentistry for more than 25 years and dental implantology for more than 18. He is the director, and among his specialities are surgical and prosthetic dental implant dentistry.

5 year Warranty

We are confident that your All on four dental implants will met your standards. If you should have experiencie problems, however, we will do any adjustments or implant replacements necessary for the first 5 years at no charge

Excellent Costumer Satisfaction

Providing patients with beatiful new teeth is what we do, and we do it well! We have served many happy customers from the United States and Canada. To find out what they have to say, visit our “Testimonials” tab located in the top right navigation.



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About 40 million people have lost ALL their teeth in the United States alone. When people have missing teeth, the bone in that area starts receding, loosing volume and strength. We offer you teeth in one visit a permanent solution so you can forget about dentures. Check out our patients testimonials, learn everything about All-On-4 Dental Implants and make the decision to recover your smile.


If you are looking for help to recover your smile, send us a message and we will make it possible.